Eye Augmentation Technology Available For Everybody In 2013?

With the technology taking leaps in the recent years, the touch screen iPhone (compare it with the early 2010 cell phones) or LED 1080p televisions and modern, fast Internet are the future. But why stop there when you can look up to Sci Fi movies and...

That's right, the dawn of bio augmentation has come. Even though it's not anything invasive or permanent, like the chips/implants often mentioned in books and movies, you can already see it's going in the right direction. The eye implants are some of the most bad ass stuff any cyber punk character could get. It allows you some awesome traits, like showing additional info about the scenery, etc.

Imagine this, the current technology allows contact lenses being built that let you have some of the traits.


The cool part is - with wireless connection and microprocessors, you get such traits and face recognition and different types of viewing modes. That and some text streaming. Let's focus on the viewing modes. Yes, there's night vision! Imagine that shit. The processor allows you to get enhanced view and even zooming in (most of the current devices only allow 3x zoom, unfortunately).


Remember the cell phones getting mp3 ringtones and color screens in the early 2000s? Now they have stuff built in people didn't dream of back then. Think about the possibilities with the eye augments in the form of lenses. For now they give you infrared view (which isn't actually infrared, it's red, lol), UV view, sun protection you can regulate and, of course, night vision. Along with that, you can zoom in (this will probably get more attention from the developers, which are gonna race each other to get the best and farthest zooming options) and get info streaming, for example about the weather and distance. It's an easy way to cheat on a test, so it's probably gonna be subject to discussion about its use at schools.

How about that? Year 2013 is the year when people can become fashionable cyborgs

Uploaded 06/23/2012
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