Fabulous Weekend



So I waited for my wifey to go to sleep then it was off on my drunken escapades. I started by cleaning my room, my favorite thing to do when im drunk. Maybe im getting old haha. I'm military as many of you probably already know. Maybe I was trying to hide it because one I dont want stalkers, two I dont want people I know in real life going through my old blogs and uploads. Its pretty nice the unanimocity of ebaums.

So im stationed in Korea, my wife is in America. So we get on cam, chat it up, I send her to bed and get to cleanin. Im in these pretty nice dorms except for one thing: the smoke detector. That bitch has gone of two times already for no reason at all. Its a crazy smoke detector, high tech. You cant just unplug it and it goes off. Its hard wired into the entire building, so when it goes off, you have to call this korean dude, that looks strangely like a hacker, to come pop it out the ceiling and snip off wires. Well the second time it went off he never came back to hook it back up.

Before here I was in Germany, and one of the things I missed was burning incense. The dorms there you could do that, no problem; here you can't. Long story short: smoke detector not attached, I relieved an old love an lit up a stick of incense, thats still burning as I type.

So earlier I was like, hey what the hell, might as well light up the old hookah. So there I was, in my bath tub drinkin beer an smokin a hookah. I love my wife so much, god knows I could go on a whole blog about that.

So I earlier I bought a rack of heineken, one of my favorite beers. I walk up an this guys got a stand set up, I'm like why does this guy have racks of heiney out on a stand. So I read the poster and its like "oh you get a free set of limited edition heineken head phones with a purchase." I snap open the handles on the box and point at the headphones. Here I am drunk an writing blogs.

BTW if you get the chance, try shiner bock sunday or whatever day before you go to work. Your shits will smell so bad. I love doin that to piss off my coworkers.

Uploaded 09/17/2010
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