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This is a debate I had this morning about this picture,,r:12,s:24&tx=85&ty=18 (sorry for the link and not the picture itself)

Me: That's like saying all Christians are polygamists because some Mormons practice polygamy.

Guy 1: Not at all. A very large number f Muslims across the world are anti-American, anti-Judaism, and the religion is not only intolerant of many of the above but it wants its people to either change them all to Muslims or wage a Jihad against non-believers. (depending on the interpretation.)

Me: Okay, maybe so, but that doesn't mean they want to kill anyone. This poster made the point that all Muslims want to kill gays, Jews, and Christians. That is fucking ridiculous. Depending on the interpretation, some Christians justify the holocaust and want to continue rid America of all non-white, non protestants.

Guy 1: Muslims have committed 18,933 acts of terrorism since 9-11. A few radical, fringe, nutjob Christians want to kill non-white, non-protestants. And they are dangerous and everyone knows that we need to stop them. Millions of Muslims believe that Israel needs to be destroyed and all Jews pushed to the ocean. Millions believe that America is evil and revel in our teagedies. Sure, they aren't all bad, I have a Muslim friend and he is one of the nicest guys I know.

Guy 1: How many Imams have you heard coming out and saying that the radical Muslims need to be stopped? The problem is that as a whole they haven't stood up to the radical ways of the terrorists. Their silence is as loud as shouting their support.

Me: Millions of Americans think that Muslims are violent terrorists. That doesn't represent all of us. And I know there are Imams or Muslim leaders in the world that do not condone radical Islamic practice. If they haven't stood up to the radical ways of the terrorists, why has Pakistan and Afghanistan helped to fight the Taliban. Why have Middle Eastern governments sent their soldiers to fight and die against these terrorist groups? I'm not saying they're isn't support for these terrorist groups out there in the Muslim world. But you can't talk about them as if they represent the entire religion of 1.6 billion people. That is the falsehood people cling to and it is dangerous and misinformed.


Guy 2: Unless you lived under a rock after 9 11 you could watch on TV how entire middle eastern neighborhoods (living freely in America) were dancing and celebrating in the street at the death of our innocents. Entire middle eastern neighborhoods took to the street, burning flags and happily dancing at the carnage that was still smoldering not but a few miles away from them. Sure not every muslim or person of mid east origin was for the terrorist attacks, but if they were so against these cowardice attacks, how come not any of them have come forward to denounce these actions? They are taught that Israel is their sworn enemy and they want to eliminate every Jew. How? Not by peaceful means. They also want to eliminate the Christian world. They want and preach in their mosques that the only world is a muslim world. Again, not through attrition, but through murder. Not one of the terrorist attempts in the last ten years have been carried out by Christian radicals, it's been ALL from muslim nations. As for not all Americans believing that Muslims are violent terrorists? You're right, I don't believe that all are. Until you can prove that all the terrorist attacks against our nation and all nations that aren't muslim are being carried out by other than muslims, you have no clue. I pray that one day these non violent sweet terrorists don't kill someone you hold dear. Maybe then you will no longer be brainwashed. Not all rattle snake are aggressive, you want to tell me which one isn't? Until those humble peaceful snakes point out the dangerous snakes and stop protecting them, either through silence or ignorance, I will be cautious of all rattlers. Make it easier to understand now?


Me:  I understand that If I hit my head on a wall long enough it will start to hurt.

Guy 2: Well not really, not all walls hurt if you smash your head into them, but I'll let you be the judge of that. Carry on.

What the fuck does that even mean?

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