Facebook Vs Google Plus

Facebook which is currently #1 social networking website has to deal with the newly arising market competitions. Google plus which is the new project powered by Google has a tough competition with #1 ranked Facebook. You may have migrated from the old Orkut era to the current Facebook era and might even migrate further to the upcoming Google plus era. Facebook has became an addiction to many but the security issue is still a bigger concern.

Overcoming the demerits in Orkut, Mark Zuckerberg and company launched Facebook, a rocketing social network in February 2004. Although these guys were smart enough to know that the Orkut user interface was a stubborn. So they designed a simple and easy to use interface for Facebook. Facebook popularity graph also started rising quickly with some of the additional features like Zynga apps. You might not believe but Farmville, one of the Zynga application played a key role in increasing the popularity of Facebook. Google Plus too came with an excellent user interface which is attracting millions of users worldwide.

The launch of Google Plus gave rise to new discussion such as Facebook Vs Google Plus. This is indeed an interesting topic to discuss on. Today even I am going to discuss the same topic. I am now going to write the merits and demerits which will help us to get a final conclusion.

Facebook Vs Google Plus

Merits of Facebook :Allows the limitation to share status updated to specified list of friends.Allows you to share your location while updating a status.

Timeline interface allows you to maintain monthly status records.Video chat feature launched in association with Skype provides good quality of video.Group chat system which was added later on has turned to be one of the best conferencing platform online.Good variety of games and other applications.

Demerits of Facebook :

You can share things with your friends only if he accepts your request.Doesnt have the tools to hide your data in search results.Doesnt provide the option for user defined profile appearance/theme.

Merits of Google Plus :

You can receive updates by adding your friends to your circles.Grouping your friends provides you to limit the updates to specific group of friends such as college friends, family or colleagues.Uses its Gmail chat for chatting within Google Plus which also allows group chatting.Easy to use Google Plus applications.Provides an option to hide/show your data in search results.Good notification system that notifies about every Google Product.

Demerits of Google Plus:

Good gaming applications are lacking yet.Chat privacy is not user friendly.Monthly record of updates cannot be maintained.

These were the major merits and demerits that I found for Facebook and Google Plus. Now the final conclusion depends upon you as what priority you give to the above listed points. It would be great if you could suggest anything more regarding this topic.

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