Faces of Ignorance

A few days ago palehorse95 posted a great visual wake-up call with his gallery Faces of Islam: Although a lot shorter than the comprehensive list on such atrocity, it relayed a great, in-your-face (literally) message on what tenants of Islam really means to many Muslims, and in essence, what organized religion can do to lives (no, it's not good).

Although a certain level of fear, denial, and ignorance would be expected, it's apparent these levels breach into the upper echelons of plain fucking stupid among a few users.


Look at it. mydixiewreckedo talks about facts like a Christian talks science.

So if you want to go into facts regarding this issue, let's explore just how "NOT THE FACE OF ISLAM" it is:


This is Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy. Swiftly gaining popularity for her crusade across TV networks and Glamour magazine's Woman of the Year spread, she knows first-hand the severity - and frequency - of the systematic beating, raping, murdering, and acid-scarring of women in Islamic lands... EVERY Islamic land.

"You may need a license to buy a gun, but in many places a man can buy acid from a corner store, throw it on a woman's face, and from then on she is the living dead"

Every year over 1,200 women worldwide suffer acid attacks by not only their husbands and disgruntled failed suitors, but neighbors, cousins... pretty much any guy that can't stand a pretty face. Chinoy comes from Pakistan, yet it doesn't matter if a law shows up on the books (yes, they had to make a special law for acid-scarring a woman). Many of these attacks go completely unpunished.

And these attacks have more than tripled in the past 3 years.

In a growing trend among women standing up for shit like... the right not to be disfigured... Obaid-Chinoy has created a documentary called Saving Face, an Oscar-winning jewel that is the first for her global region.

Now I've discussed my views on Islamic treatment of women, as well as the absurdity of pretty much anyone's religious dogma, in blogs and gallery posts. But what comes to mind again and bears repeating, especially since I find it a good theory, are some thoughts I haven't really heard from others before.

That is, all the praying, the mosques, the prayers over stereo all day, the ugly-ass beards... it's all supposed to keep the tenants of the "glorious" way of Allah fresh in men's minds and hearts at all times. It's supposed to do magic for a person just like everyone's religious shit: they're gonna be better people with great self-control and humility cuz of their god.

And of course, that's the problem. Ironically, if their religion sunk in, they wouldn't be warring, carrying weapons, and especially maiming women. That's a lack of self-control. And that's why their women have to be covered, kneel behind them in mosques, and never say a word. Cuz Allah forbid some guy pops a boner when he's supposed to be thinking of his god all fucking day. The fundamental problem is that people are people and the first lesson of self-control and wisdom in this life is that you can't control anyone but you. Dealing with this fact in the face of anything life throws at you IS self-control. Humility. Respect. Peace.

And of course, feeble-minded religious zealots willfully deny this concept. Muslims are the prime example on the practice of denial so severe, covering up potential distractions are the safest bet. These guys are so sexually and mentally frustrated even seeing a woman's face is too much for them to handle. And since you can't cover your face 24/7, they sink further into IQ hell by taking that away from women, too.

Hey dixie - For a guy who claims he's better than Ebaumers cuz he's married and has a job and kids (seriously?) but admits to ogling hot chicks and porn all day (must be a great relationship), you sure don't seem to want to notice the correlation between what you enjoy and what it would be like to live in an Islamic country even as a man.

You'd blow your fucking brains out if you set foot in one of those countries for a week. And that's just for a lack of jerking off, viewing porn, and seeing your own wife's ankles outside the house. Now take a look at this:


...and think before you open your mouth.
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