Fact or Fiction? Does it even matter?????????

Life is hard and all that good stuff and that which does not kill us makes us stronger. My other favorite is "I know you are are having trouble but once you get through this you will be so strong". Did you ever notice people who say this are the ones who fall apart when things go wrong for them? I hope everyone had a nice holiday and I have been doing "LIFE" so I havent been able to come on here as much as I would like to. When I dont get to come on here it is like going through withdrawal, man do I have the shakes. lol lol  Just a couple things I have noticed and that is Eshel has been following through with his apology and I for one am glad to hear it, I always thought anyone who could act like that much of a jerk is probably OK, but going through something.......Hey Eshel, Once you get through this stuff you will be so strong. lol (sorry couldn't resist). Did I understand it correctly that Ell is now a moderator? You know I applied too can you imagine they didnt pick me? Congrats Ell hope you enjoy it because you are definitely capable.


I have been asked by people to post a picture of myself, for what I dont know probably masturbation (oh God please be women) lol. I do not know how to get my picture to post on ebaums, something about size(I know they are not talking penis size) but I was able to get it posted on Face book under Jessie Keeton so look if you want and if you dont that is fine also.

Thanks for reading Bohank


PS. I want to thank all of you for thinking of me as one of the top blogger on here and I also know it has to do with quantity not quality because I didnt pass out enough "bocoder rings" and I really do miss you guys when I am not on here.

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