fagget atheists

First off letm e say I want to say that atjeists know tey cant exist after my irrefutable argument. You clowns are so off track the best youy can do is down rate my blogs and comments. come on then show me how im wrong. rin reads my blogs i know that she does. she used to upload zombie blogs n shit back when blogs were good. then she got all butthurt cus neko runned her through with a strap on dildo. not gunna lie that image is prety hot, but it really happened. rin got her vaj pumped by neko. she got all mad and started the whole atheist trollin thing so i had to shut it down quick. instead of facing the truth they ignore the fact that:
their beliefs are a trend just like scientology was in the 90's. thats why i commented whats 2013 religion trend gunna be. i bet it's buddhism. which im okay with. at least it's peacefull. atheists got nothin better to do then think theys superior to christians, which they arent. our religion been refined for thousands of years, yours doesnt even exist. youre basically a neo-pantheist. kay imma go pray to a god thats been provin to exist for thousands of years, you guys keep on worshipin nature n shit. kay bye losers
Uploaded 01/24/2013
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