faggotry in the blog world

ive noticed a trend as of late as im sure most of you have. that trend being bloggers having multiple accounts and using them solely to piss other people off. im not really sure i understand the attraction, you pretend to be one person while secretly being another just to get a rise out of people with weak attempts at insults. it started with a few select cockknuckles but now has spread like wildfire and it now seems everone has an alternate profile. in the end the only thing that seems to be accomplished is a mass state of confusion and paranoia about who is really who. just seems like a waste of time to me.

another trend ive been noticing lately is the tendency of alot of bloggers claiming they are leaving the site, only to reappear a few short days later or begin using another account. what exactly is it that youre trying to accomplish? you know youll be back. like herpes ebaums will never be rid of you. you my friends are the genital warts on the cock of ebaums. you may disappear for awhile, but youre bound to be back and twice as itchy. is it a desperate cry for attention for some? an exercise to see if we'll miss you? a temper tantrum on the ebaums playground where you 'grab your ball and go home?' we arer all assholes on this site in one form or another, most just deal with it like big kids and keep the majority of our bitching to the confines of our rude and cynical comments.

as these types of events have become more prevalent, the overall quality of the blog section has gone down considerably. gone are the days of dirty's hornball blogs where he is almost certainly not wearing any pants as he merrily types away. no more are kaustic and ells quasi angry political blogs that (while not very entertaining) were informative and surely beat the hell out of the sperm coated dribble that routinely comes out of angies mouth. the only thing keeping me entertained these days is my constant harassment of the canadian bloggers on this site because of my unfounded hate of all things canada. i really have no reason to hate canada but i had to hate someone unjustly, and the mexicans were already taken.

anyway, im hoping we return to our former cynical, bitter, and sarcastic glory soon here in the blog section, cause lately the most interesting thing ive read are eshels puppet blogs.

i am sindicate and canadians are eh' holes

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