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Mizuka sent me this message recently...




December 28, 2010 03:40 am


MemphisT56s original


MemphisT56 said: "well i MADE my whole video myself, i did all the editing, and still got it featured. i'd say thats way more impressive. you cant hang with me brotha." Buahahahahaha intro: by boomshakalaka memphisT56's original phrase stolen from Break (Break's originals) clips stolen and put together (Fresh Prince Of Bel Air? Seriously?) music: maybe at least this you made yourself? I doubt. You made the WHOLE thing yourself? Hold on, wait, putting crappy (the comments say it all) clip together by adding music together is making the clip yourself? Well, in that case, I uploaded Chinese School Fights Compilation 44 weeks ago and it was my original content. I made that clip myself and didn't have to put in a banner saying that I did it myself. It got featured regardless. You stole my idea of making original content! (this is sarcasm, I give you the heads up because I know you are probably too stupid to understand the pun).

So apparently Mizuka doesnt believe that my video is "original." 

Mizuka recently became enraged with hatred for me because of my recently featured video...

He became so jealous that he created several accounts just to write condescending comments in the comment section of the video. How can I tell its Mizuka? well all of the condescending comments have at least 3 or more thumbs ups. And we all know how much Mizuka loves those thumbs! 

Also he writes -(the comments say it all)- in his message he sent me, which pretty much reinforces the fact that he did it. 

He also writes -memphisT56's original phrase stolen from Break (Break's originals)- which i have no idea what he's talking about because it doesnt make any sense. I did put a banner up that says "A MemphisT56 Original" so he might be sayin i stole that which would be pretty silly.

Anywho, that point of the this blog is to enlighten yall and especially the oblivious jealous sand in vagina mizuka that the video is indeed original because of the "Fair Use" defense policy that protects my first amendment right to freedom of speech.

So please Mizuka, go suck an egg.

MemphisT56 > Mizuka
Uploaded 12/28/2010
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