Falling Cows

I grew up down the road from a farmer who had cows and a big lake on his property. One winter we had a massive ice storm--it was the worst we had ever had. So one cold evening just after dark, my mom and i heard a horrible moaning noise coming from outside. Instantly my mom thought "Oh no! One of the cows got out!" In my mothers head, the moaning noise was obviously a "mooing" noise. She ran to the back door to look out. As soon as she opened the door, we heard a loud "SNAP!" "CRASH!"...The look on my mothers face was horror. "OH NO! HE FELL THROUGH THE ICE!" She was beside herself about this damn cow. She began yelling out the door "ARE YOU OK OUT THERE?!" Of course the cow never answered back with a "Yes ma'am I just had a bit of a spill."...because he had fallen through the ice and slowly froze to death. Or atleast thats what my mom had convinced herself--until we found out the next day that when trees are exposed to severly cold temperatures, the branches freeze and break off with a "MOAN", "SNAP", and a "CRASH".

Uploaded 02/04/2009
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