Family Guy is the worst TV Show Ever!

I know  Im going to get a lot of hate commets for this but I need to do this because Family Guy Sucks!!!! this show used to be good and i use to watch it, but now is by far the Worse Show on Tv! here are the reasons why:

There is Absolutely no Character Development, that are vital for any show, lets see what we know about the characters:


we know nothing about him other than he is a rip-off of Homer Simpson,his father  step father never loved him and his real father is a drunk in ireland for a long time we did not know what he did for a living, and if he works at a factory, how can he afford a family of 5, a big house and a stay at home wife?


there's nothing on her other than her parents are rich and in some episodes she can sing


Again nothing, in most episodes he has one line just so he can be in the episode


in some episodes shes anorexic  in some episodes shes suicidal and in some she has a boyfriend and in some she cant get a date to save her life! and again nothing on backround history


the only thing we know about him is he's a pervert. thats all  we dont know family backround or what he does for a living


all we know is that he is the token black guy


he was already a rip-off of a show that  no body knew about, that had a baby bend on taking over the world and now he is the guy who's personality changes every episode, in the episode "where's my money" he's a mafia type guy and in another he's some what gay , they killed his character completely!

Now Brian is a different story :

He was one of the 2 original characters in the pilot episode he was a brown skiny dog with a big nose kinda like Snoopy if you will, but when the show went big they changed him to a more robust and white dog sound s like snoopy gain some weight!. He is the character we know most about we know he is  an social drinker we know his favorite drink , we know he went to college, we know he has trouble maintaining a relationship , basically the only thing we dont know about him is how he can talk.

you can ask any Family guy fan To list all the things he or she knows about Family Guy's characters, they Will not be talking to you for long

The Next Aspect that makes Family Guy the worse show ever is theyr'e techniques to catch your attention 

Old Pop Culture Refrence:

in every episode there is a pop culture refrence from the 80's or 90's to remind older viewiers of memories


You might notice that Family guy uses repetition in theyre flash backs and never ending sequences; in the episode with the Bull frog Peter tries to get rid of the dead Bull frog for about 2-3 minutes non-stop, eventually making you laugh

Musical Numbers:

Every single Musical number is either an alteration of an existing song or the actual song it self, exept the episode when Brian gets a DUI and has to take care of an old lady as Comunity service and sings about all the years she has missed for being in her house for years, that was the only original song  ever.


ok just tell me how the fuck is jafar at the eye doctor funny?? or greaseed up def guy??? or chicken fight  funny???!!!

The Next aspect of Family Guy has that makes it a dispicable show is the the creator Seth Mcfarlane is a Sell-Out!

the Show was a respectible comedy show in the first 3 seasons before it got cancelled but after it got cancelled and the show was aired on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim and Tv Land and TBS, Mcfarlane was able to see what the fans liked more  so he modefied the show to please the audience, now that is not wrong but like anything in ecxes is bad... thats why theres so much Chicken, Fight Evil Monkey and stewie Being Gay... among other aspects...

Seth Mcfarlane is making millions of dollars by making America stupid and ignorant...and that is why the world hates us..

The Last Aspect is; that The Whole Writer proses and Artistic Prosess of Family Guy Is completely unprofetional:  

after the show went off the air and came back alot of the writerds and artist were fired and replaced, some of which describe Family Guy as "Dull and very easy to draw" even  John Krigfalusi, creator of Ren and Stimpy said : "If you're a kid wanting to be a cartoonist today, and you're looking at Family Guy, you do not have to aim very high" i Agree with this satement because I personally drew all of the characters from family guy when I was 11 years old and the show was still in its early days.

some of the Cartoonist said that sometimes they would want to add detail to the characters in Family Guy but Seth Mcfarlane would Reject these Ideas and did not allow it.

The New Writers of Family Guy dont have to work very hard to get paid, most of the jokes are recycled and have no relevance to the plot, South Park( by the way best show ever right next to Boondocks) mocked Family Guy in their 2 part series Cartoon Wars they even said that the writers were Manatee's in a tank with balls that contained words that put together spelled out a Family guy Joke, Hey My little Sister got a C+ on her writing assigment she can be a great Family guy Writter and make good money


So what have we learned? Family guy is the worst show ever, this is not a matter of opinion this is a matter of fact! if you like family guy you have no right to defend it because you have proven that you are an ignorant american who just proove sterotypes true ,please leave you comments on this article...but for the love of god dont ebarrass your self by saying something dumb!

If you ask me, the only thing good that came out of family guy is the Family guy porn....



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