family visit

So I went over to my uncles house the other day to check up on him. 2 hours of driving and I arrived at his house. When I pulled up he stepped outside and opened my car door. We hugged for a long time, almost too long. I tried to pull away but he had his hand on my butt. I was wearing a really small plaid skirt with a bright red thong, and a tight white low cut shirt an it was cold outside. "What are you doing uncle Darrel?" "Oh sorry, my hand slipped." He blushed. I knew he was lying, I felt so used, but I had to stay and wait for my pay to get deposited in my account, there wasn't enough gas to get back home.

"Let's go inside" he said after an awkward pause. I agreed reluctantly. Inside there were three other men and Neko. "Neko what are you doing here?" Neko stood about 5' 2" and had a really tight leather getup zipped down to her navel, the rounds of her side boob showed, they were pushed up together from the black leather top being so tight. She motioned for the men to close and lock the door.

"Neko?" Neko turned to me and smiled. Not a friendly, warm smile, an evil maniacal one. Then something hit my head and I blacked out.

to be continued
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