Fast Food is the DEVIL!

Seriously, I hate fast food.  I hardly ever eat it.  I only eat it if I'm REALLY REALLY hungry and won't be home for a while.  And every time I do, I regret it.  I end up perched upon my porcelain thrown long enough to do three or four Sudoku puzzles. 

But this makes me wonder what kind of shape the colons of people who eat that shit everyday are in.  It can't be good.  At all.  I mean, it's bad enough that you can feel the cholesterol clogging your arteries with each bite you take.  You can feel the sodium dehydrating you.  The grease remains in your mouth and throat for hours, despite how you might brush to get it away.  How can people subject their bodies to that?  I eat it maybe once a month, and that's more than I like.  I guess I keep hoping it will get better, but it never does. I feel like I need to run a mile just to work off a bite of one of those burgers or tacos or whatever. 

I can't imagine how bad of shape I would be in if I ate that crap everyday.  My weight and cholesterol have to be carefully monitored as it is because of my thyroid (I actually quit eating meat, milk, cheese and eggs for about a month to try to get my cholesterol down- the withdrawls from it all just about killed me).  I know that not every person that eats at one of those restaurants daily is in peak physical health.  How can they be? 

I probably gained my dislike for fast food due to the fact that we (my family) never ate it at kids.  We were way too poor.  And my dad was a far better cook anyway.  It is he who corrupted my tastes into enjoying only the best of foods (seriously, I can be a total food snob to the point that I even try to make most of my meals for my husband and I have a nice, pretty presentation).  This is also why cooking takes up a good portion of my day- I enjoy GOOD food, and plan to prepare it as such.  Following recipes exactly is for chumps.

So, needless to say, fast food disgusts me.  I'm glad I don't eat it any more.  I'd probably have to kill myself if it didn't give me a heart attack first.  When I worked at EB Games, I was located in a mall directly next to the food court.  I was sooooo glad that the store right next to us was a cookie store because that actually smelled good.  My co-workers always ate their lunch at the food court.  Yuck.  I brought in REAL food- garlic mashed potates with salisbury steak and sauted green beans, you know...  things like that.  Things that if oil was used, it was olive oil.  Even now, the only time I use vegetable oil is for baking because olive oil most of the time messes with the taste and colour of the good.  This means a jug of veggie oil lasts me about a year.  A gallon jug of extra virgin olive oil only lasts me about two weeks to a month depending on how much we grill as opposed to saute or bake. 

I'm not picky.  There are very few things I won't eat (the only ones that comes to mind at the moment is eggplant, oysters in any form and escargot), and I will try everything at least once before deciding whether or not a like it.  I found out I didn't like escargot by nearly puking on the restaurant table.  My mom, dad and brother all liked it so I gave it a shot, and my dad watched my face turn green and pointed me to the bathroom.  With oysters, I can choke them now, but I don't enjoy the texture.  Eggplant is the same.  Yogurt has to be custard style for me to be able to take more than a few bites before gagging.  The only way I can eat bananas is if they're in a smoothie or bread - I love the flavour, can't deal with the texture.  But I deal with these things and move on.

As if it needs to be said, when it came to my daughter when she first started solid foods, I was very choosy on what she would eat.  I chose to NOT feed my daughter any of the baby foods that I found to be repulsive in flavor (the mac'n'cheese baby food is the only one I can think of right now that made me gag).  I made my own food for the most part for her.  She loved it.  Now she eats everything we put in front of her from bananas to carrots to broccoli to pickles to chicken to parmesan encrusted fish to raw sushi grade salmon and tuna...  This kid will eat anything.  She's almost 19 months old, and wont' turn away anything but pure lemon.  She even likes salsa and tobasco as condiments.  And I don't think she weighs more than 23 lbs, either (I'll actually find that out Friday). 

Okay, I realize that I really started rambling there, and I take full blame because I decide to write this about half an hour after talking my sleeping pill and Benadryl, meaning now it is about an hour past when I should've been in bad.  But screw it.  I'll take a shower tomorrow after dying my hair. Yeah, I know.  I rambled more.  But I'm done now.  No, really.  Done.  Finished....  Now.

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