Fast food jobs

Fast food jobs:

Since I have been complaining about everything else, I might as well add this to the list:

The first job I ever had in high school was McDonalds. The job was so bad, that I am surprised McDonalds is even around anymore at all!

You have mostly high school kids working there. They sometimes would drop food on the floor and still use it any way. I saw a few people spit on hamburgers! They did some other nasty shit to hamburgers and stuff to. In back, where they make the food, it was not very clean half the time. People never washed their hands or anything either!

The managers were ignorant to. They must have never made it through school themselves. They were lazy. They sat at a desk barking out orders to everybody. They never did any work. They couldn’t even do their paper work correctly.  They watched every one work and let them get away with all that shit, like spitting on food!

The managers were not very nice to the employees at all either. That would lead them to be rebellious. So now they were even more likely to do things like spit on the food.

They would only pay people minimum wage and run everyone ragged. They expect you to work really fast and make no mistakes and be respectful of the managers and customers—who were both rude! Then they wonder why high school kids did stupid things.

Then the kids working there only got to work for Four hours in two weeks. Then they had to waste their gas and time going into work for one day and then another trip to work to pick up a pay check for $20! Then they can’t pay their car insurance or do anything else, because that small pay check will buy them two drops of gas, which isn’t even enough to get back and forth to work! Part of that problem is that McDonalds hires so many people to work there and do a job that requires only a few people to do. They have a sheet for a schedule that is three pages long and just full of names. They put each person down for one day and only a few hours. That is bull shit! Then if someone asks for more hours, they give them even less! They take advantage of the fact that they get a tax credit if they train a lot of kids to work.

Then when ass hole customers come in there and order something like a burger with extra mustard or something stupid like that, they are more likely to have their food spit on than anyone else! Those people suck any way.

Then they don’t give people good references when they leave and get a different job.

Then they mess up people’s orders all the time.

I would definitely not recommend working there. But also, think twice to before you even eat there!

When I quit, I reported them to the health dept. My job there lasted only about a month, then I had to leave.

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