fathers day gift

i heard this joke awhile ago and wasn't able to find it goes

a man who was convicted of murder ws in jail and it was fathers day, he and his father had been swapping letters ever since his first arrival in prison...a thing you should know about this man is that they never found the bodies even though he confessed to the killings....

one day he sends a letter to his old father with some words about how he is and then this "p.s. i hope the dogs didn't discover the bodies in the garden" as soon as the police who read his mail read this they sent over a team of agents to dig in his fathers garden to try to find the bodies were found so they gave up looking after several hours of hard digging

a couple of days later he gets a letter from his father telling him about what happend with the men digging and whatnot...

this was the son's replay to his fathers letter-

"dad i am sorry i had those men go to your house and dig for bodies that wern't there, but i know how hard it is for you to dig out the garden each year, happy fathers day"

Uploaded 05/22/2008
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