Fear for America's youth

I just watched the video “steal from kids” and almost threw up my lunch. These girls stole from a girl scout selling cookies to help her troop. What the fuck is wrong with these girls? They said they did it because they needed money, well girls I have an idea for you, its called get a job. At 16 I had a job at a fast food joint and worked two days during the week and full weekends.


I fear for America’s youth. We have girls stealing and acting like its no big deal, kids beating the shit out of each other for no good reason and then posting it on you tube just to “amuse” the masses, girls dropping out of high school because they get pregnant and then toss the baby in a dumpster. Guys acting like their shit doesn’t stink and treating their girlfriends like trash, taking steroids because daddy says the need to be the best at sports. I, in part, blame the parents for not educating their kids how they should act in the real world. I also blame the system for treating these kids this type of behavior is ok.


I fear for my son when he gets into the public system, thank god I had good parents the taught me right from wrong. I know my posts don’t reflect this, but in real life I am a nice guy.

Uploaded 05/28/2008
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