Fear of Change

Many of the regulars here have recently changed their avatars, partly because the whole sick milk  phenom was a seasonal X-ween thing and partly because people just get bored.

Reyo is now some sort of chain-smoking space scorpion, CreepingJen is a lightning bolt, EastsideDave is Osama Bush-laden, Dominus is a Tazmanian Yeti...This has caused me a small amount of distress. I don't take change easily. I have worked at the same job for 13 years, I have routines that are familiar and comforting to me.

As Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer would say, "You world frightens and confuses me."

I have never been a thrill seeker. The mundane is enough stimulation for me. There is such a jumbled cocophony of thoughts in my mind at any given time that for entertainment I need only turn my thoughts inward and play with my ideas and watch the mental Cartoon Network that is never in reruns. I sometimes think of shit that makes me lol.

I was going to change my avatar today. Nothing radical, mind you, just an animated GIF version of my current one. (My avatar is a self-portrait of me I made from burnt onions on my dinner plate) I feel that it is better to change one's avatar in small steps.

If your long-haired wife comes home one day with a short, Natalie Portmen do, it would shock you but if she cut a couple extra inches every few months, you would adapt. Similarly, if your husband was a red, white, and blue basketball, like Bohank, and one day came home looking like some album cover, it would throw you for a loop.

My animated GIF avatar file is too big to upload. I don't have any program that will reduce it. I'm kinda' glad. As I prepared to make this life-altering change, I felt a bit of phobia. Is that strange? I never claimed to be normal.

Does anyone know of a free program that can make animated GIF's? I think I am ready to take the leap. Pray for me...

Uploaded 11/08/2008
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