Fed Up

this blog is dedicated to all of you right-wing extremeists who held your little tea parties a few days ago.

A few months have passed since Obama has become president and there seems to be a lot of "dissent" coming from the Republicans. Excuse me, Fox News viewers; I can't possibly generalize all Republicans for what's been going on. No, all the rediculous and annoying whining has come from people who just listen to what Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh and all the other Fox News "reporters" say and spit it back out. (although I can't truely call the associates of Fox News, reporters)

So after a few months of the rallies and the protests, these people have decided to hold tea parties to protest a 3% tax increase. You know something, you people actually embarass me. The arguement that you bring is that Obama is trying to make us all Socialists, which by the way is entirely inaccurate, or that he's a Fascist, which is absolutly rediculous. People, just pick your stupid arguement because he can't be both.

Furthermore, you actually have the audacity (I mean lack of intelligence) to say that this is "taxation without representation". Are you freaking kidding me? I mean you have to be, right? Taxation without representation? Yeah, that makes a lot of sense, our DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED government doesn't give you representation.

Finally, a few years ago when your guy was in office and we were protesting his "policies", I believe you called us traitors. You said it wasn't patriotic to criticize the president. But then your guy screwed up and now were in office and now all of a sudden, its patriotic to protest our president. Give me a break people. Get your heads out of your asses, I mean Sean Hannity's ass, and wake up.

Get over it, you lost the election. I had to put up with 8 years of a blubbering retard so now you get to eat shit for a few years, get used to it.

ps. Obama's not Hitler you dumbasses. Just making that comparrison illustrates your lack of intelligence and embarasses yourself and everyone around you.

Uploaded 04/17/2009
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