feel the love

   You know what I just fuckin love? I love it when I shoot a fucking hot load down your moms throat, then make her go get me a coffee.

   Probably the best way to put that bitch in her place. Shes thinks she's so fuckin special, driving that 1999 Astrovan, with not one, but THREE kids seats in the fucking back. I gotta say, I don't really like fuckin her, cuz that snatch is all fuckin loose and what not, but she could suck the baby jesus to the day of fucking reckoning.

   While we're at it, here's a little story for all you fucking losers.

   One day, Im walking down the street in my town. I live near new york. I see this dude laying in the street. I get close enough to see what's goin on, turns out he got smacked by a fuckin bus.

   I ask him if he's ok, he dont say noythin, just kinda lays there lookin like hes gonna cry.

   So i reachj in his pocket and take his wallet.

   Score, bitches! $1,300 in that bitch!

   So I call your mom, and take her to mcdonalds, get my joint blown, leave, and go buy a discount 50 inch LCD TV.

   Oh, what happened to the guy?

   He lost 1,300 dollars. That's funny, right?

   You guys ever starve a baby? Its really funny how a thing that cant speak like that can still look so obviously miserable.

   By the way, i read a few of tghese blogs lately. I dont remember who the guy with the flower is, but i remember hes a fag.

   Suck my dick, bitches.

Uploaded 09/16/2010
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