Feelin' it

   This momentous day, full of possibility and promise, is thanks to our omnipitent creator Jesus, and my heart is filled with a peace that's hard to word, by speaking or writing.   Every day should feel this way, and especially because I feel so without any apparent cause, I simply woke this morning and , you know, felt it.   I'm not interested in sermonizing, being that no one has sought me to tell them anything, I simply must confess that any circumstance can be overcome as long as you have heaven in your mind and heart.   I'm sure this isn't going to be viewed by many people, if any, and there is the greatest likelihood that whosoever should read it this far is more interested in mocking Jesus than worshiping Him, but thats a part of why I felt compelled to write a blog about feeling what I believe is the presence of the Holy Spirit.

   Eternity is not a circle, a figure eight or a straight line, but all of those things, and Einstein may have scraped the crust of reality with his relativity theory, but there is one perception I have that cannot be denied.   While time as a concept is neccesary and useful, it is also a lie, and the thought that individual perception can affect how time is percieved person to person tells me that there is one, somewhere hidden no doubt, that is in a state of past, present and future.   In all the cosmos and beyond I could not tell you a number to tally how many have approached transcendance, and even some who have achieved it, but my argument is that all is conflict and chaos while the mind is bent between thoughts of past deeds, current tasks and future goals, so any who have come into a state of stillness could not have done so under their own power.

   It is not in human nature to submit, being the brutish creatures we are, and those who submit almost always do it out of coersion or supplication, like an IOU for the soul.   The submission I'm speaking of is that of the will, allowing another to influence ones psyche with the belief that this other will can benefit one better than oneself.   Throughout our history people have submitted to friends and family, kings and tyrants, religious systems and govornment agendas, only to learn too late that this thing they sold out for is not enough to empower them against that which we all combat.   Death, the void, the darkness beyond the edge of this reality that cannot be destroyed, being that it is destruction, the anarchy of not just the unknown, but the unknowable.   Many say they do not fear death, and I believe many of them, and a multitude simply laugh at the mention of hell, which concerns me a fair amount more considering I think people who say hell doesn't exist say so out of hope they won't go there than true belief that it is imaginary, but I see the root problem of existence as not being a lake of fire, but infinite existence without the proper guidance.   I am one who has accepted that if I was given the power of God, the best thing I could do is give it right back to Him, because the will of God is perfect, being as God is perfect.   I believe God is with all things simultaneously, so you never are alone, but to call His attention you have to literally CALL.

   Many have called on God for help and guidance, and He has given to some and not given to others as He sees fit, but I propose once in your life, just once, you try honestly giving up your life for God.   Jesus speaks repeatedly of unconditional love for all those who you come into contact with, and just that much more when you are dealing with someone you consider an enemy, so that being said I state the culmination of this blog.   In the christian faith we are taught that while God is one and whole, there is a three part identity to Him; the Father who is in heaven, the Son who came to earth in flesh, and the Holy Spirit, which is God's soul, capable of imbuing individuals with a direct spiritual connection to God Himself.   Now if my will is the voice of my soul, and God sends His spirit upon me, the only way I may gain any godly wisdom is to silence my soul, and being that at that moment of visitation God is currently everywhere, directly with me and also in heaven, so am I, and that is the goal I beg all who would read this to seek.   I will live forever because I am already dead, and I will not mourn my death because I will live forever, all because God allowed me to become a part of him, and by doing so has already transported me to heaven, and the only thing that is required of me is that I have faith, but even that was given to me by God, for His glory.

   Whatever you do in this life please remember, nothing you do can make you live forever, but that doesn't mean it's impossible, all it takes is a little bit of faith.   Jesus loves you :)) 

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