welcome again to my next complaint that doesn't matter.Certain groups of Feminists. The reasons I hate them are aguable but then again, so are my other complaints. Now I dislike this group because they are very ignorant. I have no problem with women having being equal and having the same rights but when you start to state that you are greater then men and not equal thats just being hypocritical. I have personally seen this. I was walking into this diner and there was women wearing a women's rights T-shirt that I'm not sure what the name was but it had Womens power written on the front walking behind me and I opened this door for her and she said "I don't need your help". and then the same day I saw a women open a door for here and she said "thank you"... Fucking bitch. Any way I heard they're speaches too. They talk about how they are suppose to rule earth and that men are slaves and that they are all powerful. Then these same women will wear trampy ass hooker gear and seduce men (arguable, but I've seen it) then bitch later about how they are constantly being mistreated and how they are always being called sluts, whores and whatnot. Well anyway back to the speach. They then compared them to African American slaves and how they were being persecuted like jews... Fuck that, these are rich white women who would have had slaves at that time. How the fuck can they compare themselves to jews. were they being killed by the millions no. were they forced to do back breaking labor? no. so I guess that because they can't come up with a decent female president that they are aloud to compare themselves to something a thousand times worst then what the fuck they had to go threw.retarded

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