Now, I don't know if this would at all count as a fetish, but i love to fuck goats. Love it. The way they bahhhh, or the way the try to run. It really gets me hard.

Not really. My real fetish would have to be cigarette burns. I don't know why I like it. But when I'm right in the middle of getting a blowjob, I just like to put on out on my arm. Or leg. Never my wang.

It really just stimulates me. And my gf, kinda my gf its not really exclusive, so im sure shes getting it on with other guys, says it makes me jump and kinda push in farther. So it turns out she loves it when i do it too. Its cool and all, but i dont always feel like doing it. but she always wants me to. It really gets hard trying to cover up all the burns after a while.


Now i have alot of wicked burns and scars all over my arms and legs.

I guess that isnt really too bad compared to people that are into feet or shit or like to be covered in food first. That shit is just kinda too kinky for me. Also, i dont like the concept of being tied up.


Ever since i saw Scream 2, where they tied that dude up at the party, then the killer comes in and sticks a knife in him, I have always had this fear of something bad like that happening to me. Like what if they tied me up, then cut off my dick. I dont want to end up like that weird guy from the pain olympics.

As for a new topic, at my job, i have three main managers. Only one of them does the scheduling. now, my boss saw it fit to give me monday-friday off. thats right, the whole week. But now come saturday, when it is the fourth of fucking july, i have to fucking close. she only did it because i pissed her off. but ive already decided to call in sick. so shes only gonna look stupid. i hope.

The other day, i lost track of time and was forty minutes late. when she asked me where i was, i was really put on the spot, and said the first thing that came to mind. So i said that i was hit by a car. i quickly realized how stupid this was, so i said she was going only 10 mph, but called the cops to be safe. I know she didnt believe me, but i did not recieve a write up.


So once again, if you have any funny work excuses, please do post for us all to enjoy!


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