FFS: Akmareul boatda Part 2

Kyung-chul goes off walking straight on through the night, where an extremely giddy and annoying cab driver makes the mistake of picking him up. Not only is Kyung-chul only interested in stabbing the man and making off with his own transportation, but the driver already has a passenger in the backseat - ANOTHER crazy dude holding a knife.

Whether this first passenger had planned on doing the exact same thing as Kyung-chul had intended, or simply knew this new pickup was strange, can only be guessed. But it sure is interesting to watch the view repeatedly 360 around the interior as a frenzy of blood and stabbing arms commences.


Too bad neither cab guy had a chance. With Kyung-chul's whereabouts still monitored on Soo-hyeon's GPS, the Detective finds the dumped bodies before lying in wait outside a health clinic, where Kyung-chul decides to use the excuse of a soccer accident to get his arm bandaged up before messin' with the nurse/secretary outside.

Of course, for our psycho, hitting on a woman just isn't enough. He lures her into a storage room where he makes the decision to have her take her own clothes off before he can rape her. It's good Soo-hyeon's been keeping constant tabs via hidden mic, for he busts in on Kyung-chul's unfinished work again to beat the shit outta him.

This second time around, though, he STILL doesn't choose to kill him - but uses a scalpel to slice through one of his Achilles' tendons instead... Jesus Christ, as if this dude weren't the number-one recipient for a cock n' ball beating...

Now, barely able to walk, Kyung-chul slowly makes his way to a sort of forest Inn outside of town. A man and woman are the only ones there, although their relationship to the killer isn't clear - they seem to know, however, that their guest has killed before.

In any case, they fix him a meal, offer him a room, and the man laughs over how this Agent's game appears to be like that of a hunter - purposely catching and releasing Kyung-chul for twisted sport. He retires to bed while his lady friend proceeds to clean up the dishes... and whaddya know? Our killer decides to rape her, too!

Soo-hyeon, meanwhile, has already caught up with his prey. Temporarily distracted by a phone call from the old man and his remaining daughter, it isn't long before the mic reveals that Kyung-chul's balls produce like crack-addicted factory workers, and heads in.

Meanwhile, the man at the Inn hears the fucking nearby, but doesn't seem to care. Why? Cuz it just so happens he has his own victim locked in a storage room, who he drags out and decides to dice up in Kyung-chul fashion.

Apparently, this girl was part of the real family/group that owns the property, and is the second victim to be chopped since the man and his lady friend (possibly Kyung-chul, too) had decided to shack up there. Soo-hyeon arrives to save the day, and finds it fitting to break the dude's bones, stab a knife through his hand, and chain him up in preparation for dismemberment as justice.

                                                     "The order is arms, legs, and head, right?"

Too bad Kyung-chul had picked up a shotgun and arrived in the nick of time. His shells chase Soo-hyeon out the fuckin' window, where he climbs back in through the second floor to get the drop on them from above.

First Soo-hyeon has to knock out the man's bitch for trying to stab him. Then he gets ambushed by the man himself, where Soo-hyeon literally flips the bastard over his head, into a mirror, and then proceeds to beat him over a dozen times with a custom pool cue. If that weren't amazing enough, he treats the newly-arrived Kyung-chul with a floor full of fishhooks for his bare feet, before swing-kicking the shotgun barrel off center and narrowly missing a shell through the chest - this Agent definitely gives our killer a run for his money in ball size...


The squad is called and medical services takes the four off to the hospital. By now cops are at the old man's home, bugging him as to the burgeoning mental condition of the Agent - telling him to request that he stop his mad vendetta. The specialist treating Soo-hyeon in the meantime doesn't ask for details, but wonders why in the hell he would put himself in such danger. He starts to mention the mic, but Soo-hyeon stops him, although the specialist assures him Kyung-chul - lying feet away - is unconscious.

Of course, our killer is quite crafty, and was listening the whole time! He's able to get up and leave the hospital at any time, and proceeds to speak to Soo-hyeon by mic, knowing the deal. Claiming he can show Soo-hyeon real pain, he raids a nearby pharmacy for laxatives before slitting the throat of the Pharmacist... and lets Soo-hyeon in on the fact Joo-yeon was pregnant!

We then get a nice scene of Kyung-chul searching his pile of liquified shit for the capsule mic, just before beating a fellow pooper and administering the device to him instead.


Soo-hyeon shows up and sees the unconscious man along with the mess of shit, and knows he has nowhere else to turn. Going back to the hospital, he decides to check in on the man from the Inn, and force him to tell him where Kyung-chul would've gone next.

As sick and sociopathic as our killer, sick boy briefly explains Kyung-chul's m.o. before maniacally laughing at the Agent's pain. Of course, this doesn't sit well with Soo-hyeon, who decides if the pain and anguish of others is funny, he'll make it so sick boy can smile for the rest of his life... and splits the dude's jaw apart with his bare hands.

                                        This kinda thing would work well with some e-baumers

Soo-hyeon gets a call from a buddy at the HQ. A wiretapped call reveals that Kyung-chul is ready to turn himself in, as soon as he takes care of unfinished business... in Joo-yeon's family's county. The Agent has precious little time.

But apparently, it isn't enough. By the time he arrives at the old man's home, the poor bastard is beaten almost to death, with his other daughter raped (of course) and killed. Soo-hyeon's boss finds out that the killer plans to turn himself in, as he declares himself the winner of the game, and assembles his men for an apprehension as Soo-hyeon races to the meeting point.

As Kyung-chul waves his knife in midair, Soo-hyeon beats the cops to his position by car, jerking the wheel so as the killer flies right inside the open window. The Agent speeds off then, to an undisclosed location.

And here is the final confrontation - where Soo-hyeon finally has the psychotic man right where he wants him. Yet even after being bound, burned, sliced, bloodied, and stabbed, Kyung-chul helps the Agent realize something that's hardest of all...

You can never truly reach a psychopath. Despite one's perseverance, chasing, beating, embarrassing, higher intelligence, better logic, superior skills, everything a normal individual may have... a person like Kyung-chul can never be on the level, and can never recognize it - as such, a person like that is not a person; born without virtue. Honor. Soul. The very facets of humanity that separate our worthiness from the lack thereof in simple thinking and breathing wastes of life. Forever impaired in realizing the gifts a human existence has wrought, and when mental shorts mean they can never hold a candle and at the same time never realize it, the real loss is in Soo-hyeon's mistake of giving such an unfathomable example of such a waste the tiniest ounce of validation.

So it is with a solemn, wordless drive that Soo-hyeon leaves another capsule mic on a drum, rigging Kyung-chul to a Saw-esque death trap triggered by the front door before putting in his earbuds and walking away... just as Kyung-chul's family arrives to enter.

So after all this, does Soo-hyeon truly learn the most important lesson on life and the human way, or will he disappear into the night with a newfound lust for the opposite?

As the screams of the killer's family echo through the air, Soo-hyeon pauses in his tracks, and cries.

film (c) 2010 Softbank Ventures; Showbox/Mediaplex; Peppermint & Co.
Uploaded 08/06/2011
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