Fight back against high prices!

With gas prices as high as they have been and we all know that the fed govt. is largely at fault, why hasn’t the Militia done anything about it?

They could do something. We have the constitutional right to form and use the militia.

Before any one says anything stupid about this: Notice the gas prices now, before and just after the election. They have gone down over a dollar! WTF! You know OPEC is not doing that! They will go back up to BTW as soon as Obama takes office. It always happens with other presidents.

The gas stations and companies are not responsible either. I have done a lot of research on this and even written to my congressman about the issue.

If a gas company raises the price any higher than a set amount that is set by the fed govt and OPEC, they will be prosecuted and shut down, fined, etc.

We the people need to do something about this bull shit and get prices down below a dollar again for all I care.

Some people say supply and demand is to blame; however, this is not the case either. Not at all!!! We have way more oil overseas and in the US than we know what to do with. Also, have you ever not been able to buy gas? NO! If one gas station is out of gas, you drive a mile or less down the road and you get it somewhere else.

The government has no excuse to charge all this money for gas! They can get their tax dollars in other ways. They need to stop robbing us on oil and gas.

One other issue here: It requires oil to make plastic. So why the hell is everybody in the US and the rest of the world making everything out of plastic? We need to stop that shit to! They can make things out of something else other than plastic! We need to boycott plastic, however, this is hard to do, because, soda bottles and even some beer bottles are plastic, credit cards, computers, cell phones, even car engines are sometimes made of plastic. We need to use that stuff.

Not to mention: Gas pumps, other car parts, baby bottles, diapers, eye glasses, contacts, etc. It seems like almost everything in the world has some plastic on it! It is pissing me off!

We need to come up with a better way to make plastic that does not involve any oil at all! Or invent something to replace plastic with completely.

If you are Chemistry major in college, there is a good research paper for you to write. Or a class project, etc.

Uploaded 11/13/2008
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