Fight! Fight! Fight! Fart!

I know I wrote a blog this morning buuuut, Bite me.

Today on my lunch me and my friend were walking to Johnyy's to get some pizza, And a fight broke out at the Tim hortonsparking lot. We were kind of expecting this considering there was a more people over there then there usualy is.

Although it can be very funny and fun to aprtake in violence isn't the answer, At all. I can understand though if someone attacks you or challenges you to a fight you may feel the need to fight back. I just think its fucking retarded when these people do it right across the street from the school when they KNOW that tehre are always police around. All they want is the attention. If it were me ( well I wouldnt get myself into a fight to begin with, because I use my words not my fists) I would go somewhere we wont get caught, Nobody likes when a fight is broken up by the cops, Cause then of course you get the other person saying they beat the shit out of and blah blah blah.

Bitchs fights are jsut an entire different kind of stupid two. IF your going to fight atleast actualy fight. Dont pull hair, Dont scratch, And dont darget one of your friends to help you. Thats how you get yourself jumped.

Jsut a fun thing to throw out there, Today in my drama class my peer tutor asked someone to pull his finger and they did and I swaer this kid let out the loudest nastiest fart ever, Thank goodness I was onstage not near him.

Uploaded 01/15/2009
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