Fight the Demons FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am 50 years old and I fight the same demons all of you fight. I have fought and won and then wavered with drugs. I have drank to excess but feel like I have never had a problem with alcohol. Every woman I have been with has cheated on me and I have not and I wonder what that says about me? Guess size does matter!!!!! My first wife not only cheated on me but screwed my brothers and my father (see this is where my fight with drugs came in but still no excuse) Want to know what has stopped me from being one of those people who take a rifle up to a tower? I know you most don't want to hear this but, it was my faith that has ALWAYS gotten me through and I know what you are thinking "why did GOD let this happen to you?" He didn't he was there to help when I called upon him. I have said this before but this is for the new ones MY BELIEF................. If I am walking down the street and my daughter falls and hurts herself I didn't cause it but as her father I will help her when she calls out to me. Real simple isn't it? God is NOT difficult but a lot of the times religions ARE!!!!


My disclaimer........I am not here to convert but just write a blog, whether you believe in God or not is on you not me and I can still be a friend because it makes no difference to me. Keep this in mind, maybe it would help you to know God believes in you.


Thanks for reading Bohank

Uploaded 02/05/2009
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