Fights these days

Recently I was lucky enoughto watch a fight.  Wasn't one of the best but I did get to see one which made my freaking day.  So i was at school and it was this puerto rican kid arguing with this white dude.  And judging by how much bigger the white dude was than the pr I knew this fight was going to be a disaster for teh pr.   When out of nowhere his cousins aunts sisters brothers rats they all jsut came out of nowhere like they crawled out of a gutter and jsut appeared.  This guy eneded up getting jumped pretty badly and that what i wanted to talk about.  And for the record my cell phone was dead and thats the only reason its not on here.  But now a days if you are going to fight someone your going to be fighting there family fucking tree.  I cant stand how there is no such thing as a fair fight anymore.  Its pretty much Pr's too not to single out your race but those of you who are Puerto Rican you seriously have to admit you guys do not fight fair.  Wars to why can't a war be faught by like 100's if thousands of ppl running at eachother and then jsut kicking the shit out of the enemy.  Idk thats just my opinion.

Uploaded 09/15/2008
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