Finally some good news about erep prizes!!!!

For the past several months, many of us, including myself, have been pissing and moaning about not getting our eRep prizes.  Well, I finally have some good news. You have been told the truth; erep prizes are actually being shipped.

I ordered a Garmin Nuvi back and November and have confirmation that it will arrive on Tuesday.  Yes, it took too damn long, but it has confirmed that there are good people at this site fighting to get what we deserve.... and apparently winning.

Special thanks needs to go to Pepper Peanut. Hes always here and has been one of few willing to address the constant bitching.  The guy is currently putting in 12 plus hour days just to help get prizes shipped. 

This blog is not an ass kiss... I just think we need to acknowledge people at eBaums like Pepper Peanut who are going beyond expectations to help us out. Thanks man!

I have no idea what the future holds for the eRep system, but I am confident that if you ordered a prize, it will be shipped...eventually.  Just be patient...things are getting better.

Uploaded 08/07/2009
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