Fire David Letterman rallies really piss me off

You know, I'm all about people's rights, especially to protest. I always believed that if someone had a problem they should let their voice be heard and speak up for themselves. But sometimes peoploe protest and rally for some pretty stupid things and some things that are just plain wrong to go against.

My friend and I are really big David Letterman fans and my friend sent me a link to this website and it showed a bunch of videos about people at Fire Dave Latterman rallies. And I saw this and I was shocked. How can you hate such a man who's job, who,s sole occuptation in life is to bring laughter to people.

The picture above me is of a man named Michael Patrick Leahy and he has a lot of websites, including a link). I don't like this guy. He makes it his business to band together these people who think he's a monster. I can't stand him or anyone who is on his site because they want to take away a man who's only crime is making a few people feel bad. But he brings laughter to hundreds of thousands more and to want to stop that is something far wrose than anything he can or will do.

Uploaded 08/19/2010
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