Fire emblem addiction

This is really getting out of hand. I've played through fire emblem 7 four times for the main dialogue changes alone, most recently to see the 'altenrate ending' which require enormous amounts of work and changes almost nothing. Seeing the alternate dialogue for hector's story is only vaguely worth the work that goes into it. several times I played through just to have diferent charcter class combinations that I bother raising. Several more times I played through to get more support convos. 8 I've played through thee times for character upgrades after twice for the story, the last one just t try the super trainee class upgrade. It's terrible by the way. It's more adventagous to use the original class changes. the extra modes to get the npc and enemy characters to play as are death, especially the ruins, and i'd never do them again. I could barely stand to bother with the supports on that one. I played through 6 only once to see the story. I'm not one of those who find ways to make the game harder, by trying to use only female characters or something, but I've wasted a good 600 hours at least. It's not that it isn't fun at times, it's that the payout is so limited for so much work. To discover the depth of the story of 7 in it's entirety i had to put a good 200 hours in, each playthrough revelas only marginal new information. Renault was the worst. he's only recruitable in the last chapter and u have to grind turns to get his supports. he reveals very little. Hours of work usually change a sentance at the end of the game wrap up portion and that's it. there's a few pictures to unlock through main pairings if I gave a damn anymore. Anyone else suffer this? It doesn't have to be from fire emblem, anyone waste alot of time on a game with little payout?

Uploaded 03/05/2010
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