First Amendment Rights Infringed

I know that some will be pleased to finally see a blog with some valid content to it from me.  And, no I am not speaking about myself here.  I was reading on the FoxNews website last night about an apartment complex in Oregon last night (all of my quoted text is from there).  The manager told tenants that they were forbidden to fly the American flag from their vehicles and their dwellings. 

     The whole issue started when a man named Jim Clausen was told he could not fly the American Flag from the back of his motorcycle.  This guys son is on his way back to Iraq.  He is proud of his son and his country.  Clausen chose to fly the flag in honor of his son and all others who laid their life down for this country.

     The apartment manager, Barb Holcomb, also told another tenant, Sharron White, that she needed to take her flag down for her car.  What is the reason you may ask.  The manager said that someone might get offended.

     Since this whole issue made national news, the manager has reversed her decision.

     Seriously?  Someone might get offended.  Im offended when someone burns the American Flag on an American street in a protest.  But it is covered by the First Amendment.  Fly the American Flag if you want to.  You have that right.  Hell, make it the biggest flag that you can find.  Put a spot light on it and fly it at night too.

     Now the ACLU did say that Holcomb did not violate anyones rights by instilling the ban.  That figures.  The ACLU claims to defend the rights of citizens.  Bullshit I say.  That group seems to have more of a communist agenda.  They also seem to believe in freedom from religion rather than freedom of religion.

     I think that Holcomb enjoys her freedoms, but does not want other people to enjoy theirs.  She has some agenda that she tried to pursue.  She said, What we were trying to do was keep the peace.  What fucking peace is she talking about here?  I havent heard about any issues with flags being displayed in Oregon.  I know that there have been issues in southern California with people flying the Mexican flag above the American flag. 

  Im glad to see that people fought back and continue to fly the American Flag.  Too bad it took national media attention.

Uploaded 10/15/2009
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