First Blog and Ugly People

Hey. This is my first blog. Though I'd have a little chat.

I want to dedicate this to the terminally ugly. Sorry if you fell out of the ugly tree, but you shouldnt of been such a prat.

Pretty much I brought this up because i saw the ugliest person ever today. Ok, imagine the ugliest woman possible. Then imagine her child if she was fucked by a rhino. Then picture what the kid would look like if it was constantly beaten up and raped by its rhino father. Theeen repeatedly teabagged by someone with wrecking balls for testicles.

Or if you can't picture that here's something a bit more simple... She was probably born on a high cliff, fell down and landed on her face. Then suddenly bursts into flames, left to burn for a bit before being put out by a baseball bat..

So yeah, you guys seen any more ugly people? (And pleeease don't say "yeah mate! your mum!" Its not big, not clever, not funny. So yeah, if you enjoyed I'll post more, if you didn't i will definately post more.

Uploaded 11/17/2008
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