First Ever!

so this is my first's gonna go a little something like this:
there are a lot of evils in this world. some more eviler than others. this is a story of the story one of those evils. told to me by a wayward traveler on the skype machine.

                it takes place in a land created by the god algor. this land is called interwebz. in the land of interwebz there is a house. this house is called ebaumsworld. in this house there is a room. this room is called the blog section. the people in the house of ebaums leave pieces of their hearts and souls in the room of blog. they trade hearts and souls. it gives them pleasure and brings them closer together as a family.  under normal circumstances this is fine. but for one person in the house circumstances are far from fine. he has been crossed by evil. his name is english.

       english leaves his heart and his soul often in the room. but it gets stealed. deleted. removed. his heart and soul are so full of truth and awesomeness that this evil has to remove them from the room of blog in fear that english's awesome heart pieces dont ruin his rep. in the place of english's awesome soul pieces this evil leaves behind spicy legumes in their place. this is wrong. an injustice, an abuse of power.

      english takes this in stride, even though he has been crossed in such horrible ways, he presses on. that's just how english rolls.

Uploaded 01/22/2011
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