First grown up sleepover

The kids spent the night over their grandmother's house last night.  Girlfriend invited me over her condo to "watch a movie" and "make popcorn" instead of going out.


I kind of presupposed that the evening was going to end with sex.  I'd had a chance to go over her condo on Sunday to consumate our first sexcapade, and it was great, but I had to pick up my kids from their grandmother's earlier than I'd have liked.  I mentioned in my last blog that the incident exceeded my expectations.


We had all night last night.  We really had a chance to "get to know each other" in a carnal way.  She looks good in clothes, but she is super hot naked.  For the last 20 years, I've been with a 5'2" Italian woman with black hair and giant boobs.  My new girlfriend is 5'8" with hair so blonde you can hardly see her eyebrows.  She has small, very firm, very perky boobs.  She has really nice, long legs and a great, compact ass.


Last night was epic.  Two hundred years from now, there will be people who sing songs about what happened.  She is an absolute animal.  I've had a very active sex life for my entire adult existance.  There have been a few periods where it was not uncommon to have multiple, simulaneous sex partners.  I'd have to say, last night was my most physically demanding and gratifying experience so far.  She pushed me to my limits.  As soon as I thought we were done, she'd bring me in a big glass of water, we'd make out for a little while, and it would suddenly be back to rabid weasel activity.


She is just as obsessed with taking pleasure as dishing it out.  She's a talker.  She tells you what's going on and what she wants.  She is multi-orgasmic, which has more to do with her than I.  She prefers to have an orgasm during intercourse than peripheral activity.  One weird thing though:  when she's having an orgasm, she prefers that I remain still for several seconds with full penetration, head pressed up against her cervix.  She goes absolutely apeshit.  The right side of my body is covered with scratches and a few bites.  I can almost have a record of each orgasm because I've got a cluster of marked skin where she grabbed ahold of me.


If I was cheating on a wife with her, I'd be toast.  There's no hiding what happened last night.


She had taken off work this morning.  She had a doctor's appointment for a separated shoulder.  She was getting x-rays and then going to a physical therapist appointment.  She woke me up with a glass of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee and breasts in my face.


We never did watch a movie or make popcorn.  I hope we don't get around to a movie next time I go over either.

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