First Impression

I'm writing this while I am at work because I feel it needs to be addressed right away!  Ladies, why is it that you decide to let your armpit hair grow to stubble before you shave it?

We have this new girl here at work, and for the sake of her identity, I won't reveal her name.  So let's call her "Chewy".  Chewy has been working here probably 3 weeks now.  She's decent looking, but sometimes her choice of clothing is questionable.  She wore some "hooker" boots her second day here, and about a week into the job she was sporting some weird outfit that looked something like you would do aerobics in.

But today, Chewy really outdid herself.

Since we live in Houston and fight humidity year round, Chewy decided to sport a sleeveless shirt of some sort.  And when she raised her arms to let out a big stretch...BAM...she showed off her European look.  I mean, what the fuck?  Shave those damn things.  I can only imagine what her snatch looks like, but I'm sure we'll get a peek when we have our company party at the lake next year.

I drew her name to be her "Secret Santa" and ended up getting her a gift card to Old Navy so she could buy some decent clothes.  Could've saved a few bucks if I went with a razor and shaving cream instead.



Uploaded 12/24/2008
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