First or is that second?

Who-Dey my, millionaires beat your millionaires if you are a Cleveland fan and the other day in a comment on a blog someone said I was thirty years old. God I love you in a real man sort of way because if there is one thing a 51 year old man likes to be called its 30. lol


Pay attetion to the case before the supreme court about guns, guns, and more guns and did I mention guns? The way I understand it is although guns in Chicago are illegal (must be because they get mad when their team loses, could you imagine the deaths during baseball season?) it is being challenged under the separation of state or federal government and which law would supercede. This is a really interesting and important case if you think about it, this could go in several directions depending how it ends up because either way it will NOT be business as usual. The old arguement that has been spewed for years is still true today people. Keeping guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens only makes us victims because you can bet your ass the frigging thugs have no problem finding their guns.

Today I went to a flea market and purchased two guns a 25 for the wife and a 380 for myself, it took 15 minutes and 400.00 no waiting, God I love Ky. although I am sure it has more to do with the "flea market" than Ky. OK!!! I love my country I love it a lot, may it always be a place where law abiding citizens are allowed the ability to protect themselves.


I havent been on much lately because of family stuff but I do want to give a shout out to Dirtee, Fetismo, and Thadpressly for their blogs and comments on a over talked about but VERY important subject, Health Care and Gnome for his voice of compromise keep em playing fair. With respect as ALWAYS Tomlet sorry I disagree and Wallboy.....damn dude what is wrong with you? lol


Thanks for reading Bohank

Uploaded 10/04/2009
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