first time

Everyone has a crazy story of the first time they got some. Mine actually involves me being in a life or death situation. When I was 18 I worked in this truck stop changing oil. Workin hard for my money like a good American boy. Next door was a resturaunt which is usually where all the good looking girls worked as waitresses.

Everyday I'd eat lunch at the resturaunt, always sit at the same table. I'd always be covered in grease oil and sweat. (girls loved it). The waitress there was ok. By ok I mean it's one of those girls you'd be like yaaaa, id do it but... i wouldn't work for it. Ya she had huge titties. I think like 36 ddd or something. Like insane huge. But no ass whatsoever. It was actually gross how flat it was. Kinda heavy set but it's ok, she had big boobies.

Sad thing is I don't even remember her name. Something like kelly or something. Anyways ya so after awhile we started meeting back by the dumpsters at lunch break to make out (how romantic). Finally about day 3 or 4, she get's in my dad's suburban, its an old 88 (a fucking tank), and she goes, find someplace dark. So I drive in front of the high school, cus it's at night. Gave me the most amazing bj ever. (tongue pierced, yes!). I don't think I've ever gotten a better blow job. So a couple days later we got big nasty in the back of the burban. But it's get's better, now comes how it was life or death.

So I decide to break up with her, reasons not important. One day she drives up to the oil change shop and there's two kids in the car. We argue for a bit and after a while im like who are those kids? "OH they are mine". I'm like what the fuck! This is something u kinda tell a person you know? Then Im like well whos are they? Well come to find out the daddy (her husband) was a prisoner, he was gettin out real soon. I literally turned pale. I was about to slap this bitch down. Who does that to a guy?

Well after recieving death threats by phone at work, and her trying to get me to kick his ass, she finally leaves me alone, and he never finds out where I live. So it goes without saying, I'm sexually scard for life. I'd like to hear the story of your first time too in the comments.

Uploaded 12/04/2009
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