Five Stupid Things About Ron Paul

I stumbled onto this brilliant clip where a political expert puts Ron Paul voters in their place. It was so genius and he simply pulverised any arguments from the criminals and hippie stoners that support Paul, that I had to share it here. 

The ridiculous thing about Ron Paul voters is, they can be humiliated with facts and arguments and they'll still whine, their only rebuttal being that the people opposing Ron Paul "don't understand him."

Duh! When you go to the park and you feed squirrels with cheesy poofs in peace, when suddenly some old grampa sits next to you and starts complaining about the government taking over the world and not paying him enough that he could afford the cream for his artrisisis and that his grandson is 5 and he wants to be a fire fighter... you simply want him to shut the hell up. Who cares about that babble? Ron Paul is an old, ignorant dumb ass who doesn't understand politics. He doesn't understand how the world works. He doesn't understand you can't fight drugs and at the same time legalise them. He doesn't understand you can't save up money by reducing the army budget. He doesn't understand that leaving the country to the free economy will lead to USA turning into a shit hole like Greece.

More importantly, he doesn't understand that even if there were enough retards, stoners, criminals and brain washed conspiracy theorists to vote for him, that he would become the president, HE WOULD HAVE LITTLE TO NONE to decide about it. He's simply nagging about things that should be done in his opinion.

Ron Paul either thinks that being president means he gets to be an emperor or some shit, or plays his voters like the fools they are. It's fascinating that people gave him millions for his campaign he doesn't even seem to be running. On the other hand, the t-shirts and other shit sells great. Where does that money go?

Uploaded 08/18/2012
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