Flash Fiction Entry, Joey

Joey hated his job. He worked at a huge dairy farm at an entry level position. Which meant that he basically did every crap job that any self respecting person would refuse to do. Today it was cleaning up after the dairy cows. In their infinite generosity the cows were always happy to leave him a giant steaming Christmas present for Joey to deal with. The only joyous moment in the day was 5 Oclock. When he could finally get the hell out of this festering bovine sewer and head home.



But Joey had a plan. He had always had an interest in landscaping. As a boy he had watched the contractors in a development near his home moving dirt and putting in various plantings. He always thought that would be a great thing to do, and to get paid for it too, that would qualify as a dream job. He always remember the one time when the landscaper created a mini cliff/ rock garden using various boulders, ferns and ornamental pine trees. He had applied to several nurseries and landscaping companies over the last six months and just yesterday one of them called him in for an interview. Joey was really hoping this opportunity would turn out to be his savior.

Uploaded 12/25/2011
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