Flash Fiction Story

Sharese was sitting by the window when she herd the noise go !POP POP POP! She jumped up on the floor and yelled !ALL YALL GET DOWN ITS A DRIVE BYE! Duncan got hit in the hand and he crawled over to the front door and opened it with the other one. He had his pistol in his good hand when he was liying on one side with the door opened just enough for his arm to stick out the door and fired again and again. All of a sudden the POPS stopped, and it was silenced and Duncan yelled out !!!THAT NIGGA HAD ON CHAIN MAIL!!!!THAT NIGGA WAS WEARING SOME MOTHAFUCKIN CHAIN MAIL!!!!  By this time Sharese was crawling over to the kichen were she grabbed the hugest butter knife she could find and yelled back !DID YOU GET THAT FOOL?! Sharese didn't here Duncan say anything back. Then all of a sudden !!!!POPPOPPOPPOP!!!! came from outside again. Sharese said to herself those niggas aint drivin away. Shareese jumped up and ran to the back of the house where the back door was and just before getting close to it she tripped over the hair dryer she accidentally left on the floor. Sharese decided she would play dead so she stopped moving and she herd the sounds of footsteps walking up behind her as if someone was crip walking to her life less body and popped a bullet in her left leg, she stayed motion less. She herd a man say, there dead lets roll!  Sharese lost her leg and her best friend in an accidental shooting that was never solved.
Uploaded 02/28/2011
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