Flash Fiction - The Garden

The words for this challenge appear to be: MIDNIGHT, GARDEN, GOOD, EVIL

The Garden

The depression had been bad for everyone.  The drought had been rough on the farmer's garden and he feared that he might not be able to harvest enough to feed his family.

"All we need is for one more row of plants to die," the farmer said to his wife.  "I don't know whether to curse or to pray for mercy."

"It HAS been a rough year, honey," said the farmer's wife.  "With half of the cattle dying from the drought, too, I don't know how we're going to make it."

"GOD!!!  Why have you done this to us?!?"

At the stroke of midnight, an eerie figure appeared in the garden.  I silvery full moon with an iridescent circle radiating around it hung in the sky overhead as clouds wisped past in front of the glowing orb.  What was this figure?  Was it good or was it evil?

The figure stretched out its arms and its eyes began to glow a golden hue.  As suddenly as it had appeared, the figure vanished.  A dog down the street let out a howl at that instant.

The next morning, the farmer who had spotted the figure from his bedroom window to see what had become of his garden.  Would the crops be wilted?  Would there be a sign that this apparition had been there?

To his surprise, when he approached the garden, he could see that all the plants were sagging from the weight of all the vegetables that were hanging from their branches.  The day before, there had hardly been a sprout.

The farmer called to his wife to bring some bushel baskets.  Each plant yielded seven bushels, a good deal more than he and his wife could fathom eating themselves.  The farmer fell to his knees and prayed a prayer of thanksgiving.

Seeing that a miracle had occurred, rather than sell the vegetables, he decided to give his neighbors as much as they wanted and take the excess to a local food shelter to feed the homeless.  When the farmer returned home, he found that his plants were full and ready to harvest again.

The farmer and his wife continued giving the food to homeless shelters around the county.  Eventually, the garden had produced so much that he was able to offer all the homeless shelters in the state as much as they needed as long as they supplied the transportation.  What had looked like a hopeless situation had turned into a blessing.  It is said that the farmer and his wife never had to do without from that point on.

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