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Journal entry: June 20(something) 2014

I can't believe I used to fantasize about this shit when I was younger. I was always a sci/fi and horror story fan. I used to think..."how cool it would be to live in a post apocalyptic world." Zombie takeover, plague outbreak, nuclear war or an asteroid impact. It didn't matter how the world ended, I just wanted it to and when it wasn't exactly as awesome as I thought it would be.

I suppose it would have to fall under the "outbreak" genre. It happened so fast that the "disease" was never even given a name. In the beginning I would see people in the subway on the way to work wearing those "bird flu" masks and latex gloves. Within two weeks it wasn't unusual to see people wearing full body bio hazard suits, terrified to even bump shoulders with someone else. As the days passed people stopped going to work altogether. The news reports claimed that the best scientific minds had no clue what was happening or how or where it even started. All they knew was that a very small percentage might...MIGHT survive, no guarantees.

At first an effort was made to dispose of the bodies. But soon it became pointless. "Let them lay where they may" a distraught tv reporter said once. I myself watched many people succumb to the "disease". Not a pretty sight! The only symptom observed was a rapid cough followed, within seconds, by massive hemorrhaging from every single body opening including skin pores. Some literally exploded. At least the painful part was short. I never knew the human body held so much blood.

Yes....I was terrified it would happen to me! It never compared, though, to the horror of it happening to my wife and son. I watched them both curl up and...............ummm, that's enough for now!


July 10th (or so), 2014

Today was a good day. I found a relatively new fifth-wheel behind a small town bakery. My truck won't have a problem pulling it. In the last few weeks I've come across several stores that still had some canned goods on the shelves. I have plenty of fuel and water. Life is good!


July 30th (maybe) 2014

I haven't seen a human being in over six months. I'm lonely damnit! Wow...never thought I would say those words. When there WERE people I couldn't stand them. Now that there aren't any I miss them...go figure. I'm headed east...the goal is NYC. I figure the dense population should have made for more survivors. Let's hope.


August 5th (I think) 2014

The first people I've seen in about seven months and I had to kill them! Such is life huh? I saw the road barricade from a few miles away. I stopped to get a better look with my binoculars. Two country bumpkins, mullets and guns, sitting in folding chairs in front of a makeshift roadblock. The truck could go offroad around it but not with the fifth-wheel attached. There was no exchange of words, when I got within range they opened fire. I returned it hitting one and running over the other as I blasted through the barricade. Fuckers!!! It's time for a drink.


August 17th (perhaps) 2014

I've been limping along for awhile now. That barricade mess really fucked up the front end of the truck. No luck finding something big enough to haul the fifth-wheel. This end of the world crap isn't as fun as I imagined it would be. I DID have one good find today.....newer radial tires that fit the fifth wheel. Life's not ALWAYS bad right? NYC bound.



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