Flash Fiction


I didn't contribute on the last one of these, so I'm going to try this time. I have no ideas at the moment, so this will be literally, "off the cuff", with no preconceived images or story. It's only Ebaums and if it sucks, no biggie.



"Fintertrous, Fintertrous, that is my name. I like to kill the children and wallow in my fame".  Said, the vulgar creature from inside the prison cell.

"Where, did you get this piece of shit". Asked Sergeant Novaks.
Constable Tundess, looked at the prisoner with curious eyes." He just walked into the station and started repeating this crap. We're holding him here until the white coats take him away".

"Have you ever noticed that when a house burns down, usually all that is left is a chimney?"
"What are you talking about Tundess?"

"Well, this guy? I mean, he is totally gone. There is nothing left of him, but the thing that has destroyed him, his mind. It is still standing, totally disconnected from why or for what it once stood. It has no purpose , but--- it is a reminder that there once was a man here and now he is gone."

"Jesus Tundess! Maybe, I should throw you in there with him."

"Fuck Novak, haven't you felt you were just on the fringe of loosing it? Like after your wife died, the grief and then you got sick remember? Tell me, you didn't think about just escaping the pain. Suicide might have seemed like an answer. Perhaps, when a man can't off himself and the pain is too great, he goes insane. A kind of death that frees his mind from the pain. But still he stands. Perhaps madness is suicide of the soul?"
Annoyed, the Sargeant said,  "Tundess, lay off the mushrooms. It's starting to affect your work."   

Constable Tundess took one last look at the mad man. The hollow man stood still. His  finger nails long and yellow. Limbs boney, bent, blackened and wrinkled. He looked at the constable and with the faintest glimmer in his eyes, as if a star had finally been consumed by a black hole, whispered, "NO_U!

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