Flash Fiction

'Enjoy your fucking pot roast you filthy bastard' growled the old and dirty waitress as she drops his pot roast from a base of two inches. The rank contents swirl and splash on the table, a little bit on falling on Ted's bran new ape suit. With a smile Bill turned to Ted 'nice weather we are having Ted' Ted looks deep into Bills eyes and stated that he agreed.

A huge rotating saw blade cuts the diner in two, including the oval bowl containing the pot roast and a few of Ted's fingers. Ted and Bill explode into waves of multi coloured paint that hit the floor; rolling over everything in a mix match of colours.

From the paint emerges a swing, a see saw, and a round about. A full playground for the kids to play on, if they dared... A huge and black monstrous figure emerges from the sea of paint to sick up children onto the various play things, giggling as they emerged; patiently taking turns to vandalise the equipment.

The scene freezes and turns to paper which is folded down into a pop-up book. Long arms that stretch into the distance close the book fully and put it in a toy box next to a dolly that is sat in the corner punching itself in the face.

At the other end of the arms are huge penis' that bobble in front of the queen of England who pokes them with a stick; an evil and maniacal look in her eyes. She had won. you knew she would, god damn it!

Uploaded 03/29/2012
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