Flirtatious Members

Hello eBaumers,
Wowwee! That was quite the scramble last night in my Bad Girl blog. I have to admit I was quite flattered with all the attention you all had to give me. I think poor Letemdangle thought you guys were beating on me and he rode the proverbial white horse to my rescue. It was really sweet, but unnecessary.

It's OK, Dangle, they just be teasing me to get my attention. Different guys flirt in different ways and different girls like different types of flirtations. Some skanks like guys who talk all rude and treat them like shit, that's why they date them. Then there are more glamorous  types like me, who fall for that old southern charm.  You see, when a guy acts the way he does, it's because it has worked for him in the past and since birds of a feather flock together, the fouled mouthed low brow Neanderthal will attract the  worse kinds of women. That is why one celled brained men want girls they can talk down to so they can feel superior. It is just as well, so that dumb asses shack up with dumb asses. And great people like Jeb and I get married and live a good healthy life in a good home full of love and mutual respect.

Let them have their catcalls and their haranguing  it is all God gave them in their search for love and acceptance and we have no right taking it away. We must let the dogs be dogs and the princes be princes for it is what they do that make them so. Hey that last sentence sounds kinda cool. 
Thanks for reading. I have to go on a little Easter coin hunt today, so I'll see ya on the down low.

Love ya'll,

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