Florida idiots


I am a security guard in a parking garage in Orlando, FL (I know, the job sucks shit). Anyway, There are people that bring their car in the garage and leave it there for a long time. these people are stupid and they are ass holes!

I work nights and at 0430, every night, I have to write down the make, license plate, color and location of every car in the garage. After I have seen the same car in there for over a week, I think the owner is an ass hole who is never going to come get their car.

You must realize that a public garage is not the safest or most intelligent place to leave your car for a long time! I have seen several people back into other cars and try to take off. Drunks who have hit cars. People breaking into cars, stealing stuff out of the car and even the whole car. Countless cars have been vandalized. Sometimes people just break a window and key the car or slash a tire. Drunks vomit on a car now and then or throw beer bottles at them. Why would you want to let people do that to your car.

If a car is in the garage for over two weeks, I will start to think the car is either stolen or abandoned and the owner does not care about it.

As a security guard, I have to think like a criminal if I want to stop crime. I have to think: "If I were going to steal a car, what would I do?" The criminals are thinking the same thing. They know what cars are there and which ones have been there a long time and look like the owner does not care about them. They know when I am gone on patrol and what level of the garage I am on. They know I can't watch one car all night, I have better things to do! They know I am not a police officer and I can't arrest them (However, that does not mean I can't call the cops and have them arrested).

There was one car there for over a month! This car pissed me off! I told all the other security officers about it as well as my managers and the garage managers about the damn car and said, "I think it is abandoned and maybe even stolen! The owner has not been back and checked on it or moved the damn car at all for over a month and it is pissing me off! I want that fucking car the hell out of here right now! If it is not gone in a few days I am going to practice my Tae Kwon Do, Kick Boxing and U.S. Army hand to hand combat skills on the fucking piece of shit!"

The managers had the police run the license plate to make sure there were no warrants on the owner and the car was not stolen. Then they called the owner and said to get the car out immediately or it will be towed. The next day, I came to work and the car was gone!

If the car was not gone, I would have had the police search it and ticket it and tow the damn thing! If there were any drugs or any thing else in there I would have been really happy seeing that piece of shit owner get prosecuted for that shit.

Then I have some other ass holes who have talked a lot of shit to me saying I am not a cop and I can't do anything to them.

Well this one girl who was Black, called me the N word, I am White. I told her if she don't lose the attitude, I will call the police and have her arrested and she can spend the rest of the night in jail! I could have had her arrested for Trespassing, assault, racial intimidation, public intoxication, drunk driving, and getting lippy with a security guard. Then I said, "Want me to add more charges? I am about to call the police now." I grabbed my cell phone and she kept talking shit. So I stopped arguing with her and just copied down her license plate number. Then she wanted to know why I was writing down her plate number. I just told her so I can call the police and have her arrested. I said, "I also hope you have something illegal in the car, so you will be charged with that shit to!"

I said, "You have One minute to leave this garage and never come back again or I will start dialing!" She finally left. I did report that bitch to the police and filed the paperwork for to be trespassed. That means she can't come back for a year or she will be arrested for trespassing!

The moral: Don't piss off security guards! We do have a lot more power and rights than you think!

One other thing: I have been threatened by a few people while I was working. This is dumb! If someone attacks me, I have the legal right to hit them back, and I will! In the state of FL and most other states, assaulting a security guard is the same penalty as hitting a police officer: Felony! Three years in prison! Keep that in mind before you run off at the mouth!











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