Flu Season, will you Survive?

Personally, I have never seen a need for a flu shot, but that is my own opinion and if you have concerns, please consult a medical professional. These are my own observations and I am not an expert. However, what I am going to tell you is a story that happened in my neighborhood this very evening.

While watching the local news with my wife, a well known journalist reported that a local high school, the location of free flu shots, was running out of vaccines due to an overwhelming response. The journalist continued, saying the lines were long and they will probably run out of vaccines within the hour.

My wife works in that local high school and had returned home recently. She was confused because she and her parents were just there to get their flu shots and things were moving along nicely and the waiting time was short.

My wife phoned a  coworker, who was working this evening, to see why the local news was reporting long line ups and a shortage of vaccines. After some investigating on her part, this is what happened.

The public health workers were scheduled to work from 4PM till 8:30 PM. At about 6:30 PM when it became apparent that most people were going to show up after supper this evening, due to short line ups, a health worker got worried.

She was a former coworker of the journalist and tweeted to her that the line ups were long and they were running out of vaccines in the hope the news would broadcast the story for the seven o'clock news. What this public health official was trying to do was stem the tide of residents showing up after supper to receive their vaccines. She told my wife's coworker the public health workers were concerned they would be there till 10:30 PM based on previous experiences.

It seems the little plan worked, as the line trickled off and the public health officials went home on schedule.

My question is this, "if public health officials" are more concerned about going home on time, than the need for mass vaccinations, does the flu really pose a major health risk? If the public health workers are not worried about it, why should I?

Note: I've worked for many doctors and nurses in my area, and they always tell me the same thing, it's all BS, unless you have an underlying health problem and the flu could complicate the problem, don't bother.

Again I emphasize this is my experience and opinion, if you have concerns please consult a health professional. Most of them are good people but they are guided and ruled by certain laws, try to ask them very pointed questions.

Uploaded 11/17/2010
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