Football, Fights, and Ownage

On Sunday myself and some friends got together with some ladies to watch some football. Well it was a good time with BBQ, Hot wings, & beer until one of my friends aquantances got obnoxious. I think all of us either have a friend, or know somebody, who can't hold their liquor. This guy Frank is notorious for acting a ass off of some liquor. So he's running around smacking the girls on the ass and getting loud. That shit don't really bother me, but for some odd reason Frank lost all his common sense & tried to pick a fight with me. Personally, I don't like to fight. I can beat the shit out of muthafuckas, but as I have gotten older I try to avoid the altercation and the felony charges. I especially didn't want to fuck up Frank. He is a good dude, just can't hold his liqour. Well he keeps horseplaying around with me trying to see if I will give him at least a good grappling match to the floor. I decline & try to avoid embarassing his drunk ass & fucking up my friends house. This is when for some odd reason, he decided to attempt to slap the shit out the back of my head. I seen him coming and that was that. I snaked around his wild flail of a slap and put him in a sleeper. Falling to his knees I told him to tap out. I got to give it to Frank, he didn't want to tap. I firmly strengthed the hold. I relayed to him to just relax and I would let him go but he was trying to shake the hold and get his scrap on. I felt his body go kind of limp and from experience of fighting I knew he was about to go to sleep. I didn't hurt the guy so I let go & rolled him over. It was at this time that I heard immense laughter from the girls in the room. I wan't sure what they were laughing or pointing at because my adrenaline was still pumping from the altercation. I soon realized it when I noticed Franks pants had fallen down in the altercation. It appears Frank, definetly isn't breaking any rubbers. I felt bad for the dude in a room full of ladies, choked out, face red, baby dick out. Damn. So I helped pull up his pants quickly not wanting to be a asshole & contribute to the gawking. I could hear Frank snoring and I knew his was out. I got him a pillow lifted up his head and let him sleep it off. Just when I thought the worst passed he made a noise and coughed up a big loog that landed right back on his face. I put that on my life. Damn that is just seriously enough ownage for he rest of the week. If anybody has a worse week then this guy let me know. It would probably make him feel better.

Uploaded 10/07/2008
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