For a man who fixes aircraft for a living, he's useless around c

My hubby, Rob, decided we needed a new car with the baby coming.  So, we got one, but we now have to sell one of our other cars since we can only have 2 on our tax free fuel cards here in the UK (the US bases in the UK have fuel pumps and we pay for our gas without having tax added to it, but you're only allowed 2 vehicles per household).  We decided to sell the oldest one, the '98 Rover 600.  The only drawback is that the window on the driver's side is off track and needs the regulator/scissor frame replaced.  So, Rob, in his infinite wisdom, bought a regulator for a Rover 400.  Guess what....they aren't compatable.  DUH.  I could have told him that, but he thought he could adapt it to fit in our Rover.  Yeah....well....10 drill bits later, and lots of cussing in the garage, and it's actually worse than it was before he started on it.  And to make matters worse, he's managed to screw up the door handle......Can you imagine being 8 months pregnant, and unable to get out of the car unless you try to roll the window down (which still won't stay on track)?  Not fun....This happened to me this afternoon when I went to the commissary and was literally trapped in the car......damn....I should have told him to screw off and taken the new car instead......I mean, I can't climb over the seats to let myself out of a different door, and getting the window back up on the driver's side is next to impossible, so what possessed him?  Just because he's qualified to fix large cargo planes does not mean that he is qualified to fix the window track system on a car he knows nothing about.......

Uploaded 11/28/2008
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