for better need, in a time of desperation

since the blogs are all seeming to be more and more spam, and since I felt bad for the blog section, I was like shit man, I'll just tell you guys a story about my younger days (actually only a year ago) on a off roading trip.

In California, way up in the mountains, in a small town no one but the people there, have heard of, was my family. There I had grown up on a dirt trail, in a pretty nice house. This house is very very old, and if you want to hear more about it, look at my blogs, theres a story about how it's haunted. In fact theres a few buildings built in my town that are very old and haunted, but thats another story.

One Friday night, just like any other, I went over to my friends house, with another friend. We started to drink beer and tell stories and jokes, all of us began to get a little tipsy. Well all of us got the idea that we should all go riding our dirt bikes up this trail. Now theres a lot of off roading trails in this area, so many you couldn't count them. Not one of us had ever been on this particular one, and none of us knew where it went.

I got on my 3 wheeler, it was a honda 110, and my two buddies got on a couple dirt bikes. It's amazing how smooth you are when you're drunk, am I right? lol... so we all rode up like animals up to this dirt trail and start goin up. It was so narrow that my 3wheeler bars scraped the sides of the trail, giving me several cuts on my arms.

Let me also explain how dark it is right now. It is a full moon that night, but the trees and brush that grew up on top of the side of the mountain we climbed blocked out all source of light. All that we could see was what my head lights and my friends flashlights in their teeth.

Well as we're going along the trail starts to get steeper, narrower and tougher. The dirt bikes fall over and my friends say, go up ahead and see if it gets better. My little 110 putted up the hill and I found a little clearing up, and the trail split off in three directions. I yell down to them but no response. So I drive back down to see what's up.

Well they are bitching and complaining, one friend actually broke his finger when he fell, but there was no pain as he was drunk. so we all decide to go up to the clearing to decide what to do. Once again I go off ahead since my little atc is aparently doing better then their bikes. It actually get's pretty amazing, I'll work on part 2 later.

Uploaded 11/02/2009
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